Break Bulk - Project Cargo

Prologis freight special cargo

Construction of large industrial projects often presents a complex logistic challenge – transportation and management of heavy, oversized, out of gauge loads. If you are for a way to export oversized goods or unbundled and loose cargo that refuses to fit into neat packages for standard transportation, such as windmill fuselages, specialized Break Bulk or Project Cargo freight service from Prologis Freight will best suit your requirement.

Since the inception of Prologis Freight, we have been expertly transporting all types of project and breakbulk cargoes from source to destination.

Prologis Freight specializes in multimodal transport solutions combining sea, land, and air for Break Bulk and Heavy Lift shipments. We leverage the capabilities of RORO, Break Bulk, Container Vessels, Train, Aircraft, and Trucks depending upon cargo size and weight, to offer full or partial charters.

Our end-to-end logistics solutions ensure every aspect of your supply chain need is covered – from planning to site survey and cargo analysis to warehousing and delivery. In addition, we have the capacity and tools to handle DG classes of cargo (Dangerous Goods), such as gases, flammable solids and liquids, corrosives, toxic, and oxidizing substances.

With our team of experts, along with ocean and air freight transportation capabilities, we deliver integrated customized services. They include computer-aided options, site survey and route viability, freight negotiation, real-time tracking and tracing, and administrative support

Container Specifications

  • Rolltrailer length: 9.20 m
  • Rolltrailer width: 2.80 m
  • Rolltrailer height: 0.90 m
  • Max. cargo weight: 60 t

  • Rolltrailer length: 9.80 m
  • Rolltrailer width: 2.80 m
  • Rolltrailer height: 0.47 m
  • Max. cargo weight: 75 t

  • Rolltrailer length: 12.20 m
  • Rolltrailer width: 2.60 m
  • Rolltrailer height: 0.70 - 0.80 m (100 t) 0.84 m (120 t)
  • Max. cargo weight: 80 t

  • For wider cargo, we can use a Double-wide rolltrailer concept where two 40’ rolltrailers are placed side by side, and joined together by a coupling system

  • Rolltrailer length: 18.90 m
  • Rolltrailer width: 2.85 m
  • Rolltrailer height: 1.05 m
  • Max. cargo weight: 100 t
    * With rails

  • Rolltrailer length: 6.10 m
  • Rolltrailer width: 2.50 m
  • Rolltrailer height: 0.60 m
  • Max. cargo weight: 25 t

  • Rolltrailer length: 18.90 m - 22.00 m - 24.40 m
  • Rolltrailer width: 2.55 m - 2.80 m
  • Rolltrailer height: 0.85 m - 0.86m
  • Max. cargo weight: 90 t- 100 t
  • * Available with rails (1435 mm and 1067 mm gauge)