Prologis Freight places sustainability at the strategic center of its business operations. It is not only essential but also a priority upon which our core values and long-term views are firmly established. As a company, a supporter of human rights, and a protector of mother nature, Prologis Freight has a unique approach to sustainability that positively benefits our customers, colleagues, staff, and society. In alignment with the UN SDGs, we work towards carbon neutrality by facilitating logistics decarbonization, connecting the world by promoting inclusive trade and focusing on people by proactively addressing social-economic challenges along our journey.

Customer Portal

We promise to understand your company’s logistics challenges and objectives and come up with solutions that will streamline your supply chain and deliver long-term benefits. At Prologis Freight, you will be served with a dedicated team that you can scale anytime based on your project. Moreover, our offices are strategically located to ensure we have your back wherever you are in India.

E-Bill of Lading

With our Digital Bill of Lading, we capture information, data, and title and instantly share them with relevant stakeholders. This not only reduces administration and operational costs but also optimizes process time by 55%. It further improves data security and accessibility and product and shipping costs, ultimately reducing final costs for our customers by 40%.

E-Delivery Order

We automate your entire delivery operation with our E-Delivery Order processing system. The service significantly reduces the time consumed in document submission and approval processing. Prologis Freight E- Delivery Order ensures a quicker clearance process, contactless and paperless trade, authorized transactions, and faster revenue reconciliation.

What Is Sustainable Supply Chain Management?

While conventional supply chain management focuses on the speed, cost and reliability of operations, sustainable supply chain management adds the goals of upholding environmental and societal values. This means addressing global issues such as climate change, water security, deforestation, human rights, fair labor practices and corruption.

Why Is Sustainability Important in the Supply Chain?

Research has shown that, for most companies, the supply chain is responsible for the bulk of their environmental impact. By their very nature, supply chains often involve energy-intensive production and transportation as goods are made and moved around the globe. Therefore, organizations can often make the biggest difference by making changes to their supply chain rather than other business operations. ...

How Can a Supply Chain Be Sustainable?

Companies around the world have taken steps to lower their carbon emissions, cut back on waste and improve labor conditions. By tracking sustainability metrics in supply chain management (SCM) systems, they monitor multifaceted programs that, for example, prioritize renewable energy, recycle products and materials or encourage greater social responsibility among suppliers. ...

How Prologis Freight helps customers in developing Sustainable Supply Chain?

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