As a millennial-thinking logistics provider, Prologis Freight understands the power of technology-automation in making freight services responsive, real-time, secure, and fast. Therefore, we combine Grade A transportation operations and advanced Technology to provide you with fully-integrated transportation and logistics solutions that deliver reliable, affordable, and automated supply chain management.

  • Implementing paperless customer dealing practice by using Technology as a service
  • Using customer portal to enable customer to track and trace his shipment details.
  • E-BL and E-DO facilities provided to remove the time delay and increase cost saving for us as well as customer.
  • We use Technology as a Service to implement paperless customer support and order delivery.
  • Customers can use our GPS tracking-enabled online portal to track and trace shipment details and status in real-time.
  • We have deployed E-BL and E-DO systems to save time and decrease time delay by 30% to 40%.